A forgery-proof path back to normality

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The COV-ID App prototype is a fast, forgery-proof way to obtain an immunity certificate.

COV-ID Hardcard

For people without access to a smartphone we are developing the COV-ID hardcard.

How It Works

The COV-ID prototype is an endeavour to come back to normality. Enabling the efficient use of immunity as a public resource, the COV-ID prototype is a forgery-proof path to a safer future. The proof of immunity facilitates a safe and controlled re-establishment of jobs and the day-to-day life. By being able to prove immunity visits to beloved ones in hospitals and nursing homes - an important step for affected families on their way back to normality.

1. Infection

The process towards an immunity proof is based on an infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

2. Immunity

The infection results in the development of antibodies that create immunity.

3. Verification

The immunity needs to be proved by an official medical office. The COV-ID prototype uses ident methods to prove the immunity verification and the user’s identity.

4. Certificate

Once the verification has been completed the prototype creates the forgery-proof immunity certification.

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The App

The COV-ID App prototype offers a solution that enables a swift return to normality. From the immunity verification, to the forgery-proof certification, the COV-ID App leads the way.


The Prototype assigns an ID to the user to use the App spectrum.

Identity Validation

The user validates their identity with an Ident method within the app.

COV-ID Issuance

The COV-ID can be issued after a successful validation of the identity.

COV-ID as a forgery-proof immunity certificate

As of now the issued COV-ID can be used as a forgery-proof immunity certificate.
Coming Soon

Use Cases

COV-ID enables a way of resuming commercial activities. Immune people would be particularly helpful in the healthcare and elderly care sector, to protect the most vulnerable risk groups. COV-ID can promote the rapid and comprehensive use of immunity as a resource.COV-ID provides a forgery-proof instrument to enable less strict contact barriers and social distancing and thus enabling a controlled return to normality in society. The collected immunity data can be used in real time to adapt dynamic models and make short-term prognoses more precise. This would help to form educated and data-driven decisions and make the effectiveness of political measures scalable.


The implementation of immunity proofs enables immune people to return to their jobs. Employers will be able to guarantee a safe work environment to their employees Particularly in the care sectors, the proof of immunity would be a secure basis to facilitate the way back to normality. Similarly, the implementation can also enable activities to be resumed in normal and open-plan offices.


The current restriction on freedom of travel can be eased by COV-ID. Proof of immunity can guarantee the resumption of business and private trips as well as visits, supra-regional excursions and associated accommodation  offers.

Family / Free time

The COV-ID enables the return of unrestricted and accustomed contact with friends and family without endangering them. Even the currently very limited contact with elderly people and people in the risk group (especially visits to hospitals and nursing homes) from their environment and the associated physical and emotional isolation can be lifted with the help of COV-ID.

The Process

1 Approach a checkpoint

The entrance to restricted areas can be controlled via checkpoints at which the immunity status is being checked.

2 Open the app

The immunity certificate can be presented directly in the app. By identifying the user during the initial setup and verifying the device the risk of identitfy fraud can be minimized.

3 Scan the ID

The ID is scanned at the checkpoint to verify the immunity status. No personal information is being stored at the checkpoint during this step.

4. Verify the status

The immunity status is being shown based on the live data that is stored in the database. This way any update on the status will reflect directly in the app.

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